Talks – Jay Sullivan, Public Speaker


I am an experienced public speaker and performer having appeared in front of corporate, community and arts audiences.  I am available for public talks in the NYC tri-state area for the general public and for art, photography and psychology practitioners and students.   In most cases I provide these talks free of charge. Please inquire through the Contact Page of this website.

General Public
G(love) - Jay Sullivan


Learning to Love Someone Who Has Caused You Great Pain

When we think of someone who has caused us pain, we run an old, painful movie in our minds.  Many times, however, there are happy memories and stories to be seen if we can remember the past in a different way.   In Re-Remembered, Jay Sullivan explains how he learned to love his long estranged and deceased father through a creative process that helped him re-remember the past and create a happier story of his childhood.   Related Art Series – G(love), The Emotional Core of Objects.

The Art of Enough - Jay Sullivan

The Art of Enough

Learning to Let Broken Pieces Lie

Not everything that is broken needs to be fixed.   In The Art of Enough, Jay Sullivan explains how to greatly reduced compulsive, over-achiever behavior by becoming aware of its origins.  Includes 10 guidelines on how to slow down and reduce stress in one’s life.  Related Art Series — The Art of Enough.

Photography, Art and Psychology Practitioners & Students
Jay Sullivan - I Am The Canvas

I Am the Image

Infusing your Art and Life with Memory and Meaning

Past experiences affect our present emotions.  In I am the Image, Jay Sullivan details how to become aware of, and then transcends, problematic, emotionally charged memories using a creative process that infuses art and life with meaning.   Related Art Series – G(love), All the King’s Horses, Before, Pavlov’s Belt.