Over the last 25 years I’ve intensively explored psychology and creative processes with many different teachers. Explorations have included performance improvisation, breathwork, neuro-linguistic programming, Buddhism, re-birthing, behavioral biology, neuroscience, psychodrama, talk therapy, storytelling, hypnosis, Alexander Technique, vision quests, singing and many others. The teachers that had the greatest and longest lasting impact are:

Creative Process

Jean Claude Van Itallie – The Healing Power of Theater –

Carol Fox Prescott – Acting on the Breath –

Jean McClelland – Voice, Breathing, and the Alexander Technique –

Psychology and Self-Discovery

Ingwe – Vision Quest –

Anthony Robbins – Practical Psychology and Neuro-linguistic Programming –

Barry and Joyce Vissell – psychotherapeutic individual and group work –

Shambhala – Buddhism –

Bob Szita – psychotherapy and psychodrama –

Photography and Art

Alison Rossiter – Photographer –

Ken Collins – Photographer –

Wes Sherman – Painter –

International Center for Photography –


The E Myth –

My deepest gratitude to these teachers and the Rowe Camp and Conference Center through which many of these teachers have entered my practice.