The Art of Enough


Art and Story Podcast Series


When I was five years old, my father had a series of bipolar episodes that threw our idyllic suburban home into chaos. Seeking to cope with the upheaval, my five-year-old self created a story. The story went like this: if I could just be something different, something better, I could change all that had happened to my father and prevent bad things from happening again. Of course, no matter what I did, it was never enough. It was never enough then, and it was never enough for a lifetime. I spent my life constantly needing to do more, to be more.  Luckily, society incentivizes one for such behavior so many times it was rewarding and exhilarating but as I got older it became exhausting and anxiety provoking.

The Art of Enough is a personal, transformative art making project. The process is much like my previous works where I used a multi-disciplinary, psychology driven creative process to become aware of, and then transcend, limiting patterns of emotions and behavior. Creative process is core of my work; it’s a place where I seek freedom and spontaneity through acting, movement, voice exercises, therapeutic photography, video techniques, writing explorations and mindfulness practices.

The Art of Enough resulted in a series of podcasts, photographic artworks and personal psychological and emotional change. I have been able to slow down, stop a compulsive need to always “climb the highest mountains”, and most importantly been able to find moments when I consciously decide to say “no” in situations where I previously was subconsciously driven to say “yes”. In many ways, it was about becoming more present and making more conscious choices, instead of always reacting to situations around me based on some inner voice that commanded me to “do more” or to “be better”. I have done enough and now, in many cases, if I choose to do more it is because I believe it will result in more pleasure, more freedom and more connection with those around me.

The Art of Enough Podcasts


Featuring interviews with:


John B. Arden, PhD, Psychologist and Author

Jean McClelland – Voice, Breathing and the Alexander Technique Coach

Robert Szita, Counselor, MS LPC TEP

Jean Claude Van Itallie – Playwright, Author, and Teacher 


Ep5 – Directions to Enough – Episode 5 is an appendix to The Art of Enough podcast series.  It presents 20 life and creative guidelines for slowing down, feeling more enough and integrating creative process with psychological and emotional change.





Ep4 – Tea with Demons – Episode 4 helps listeners make peace with their negative inner beliefs and create new, more empowering beliefs.




Ep3 – Exhaling the Subconscious – Episode 3 details the science of anxiety and how breath-work can reduce anxiety and increase creativity.



Ep2 – Gaining Awareness –  Episode 2 explains how meditation, psychotherapy and art making can help you become aware of how past experiences are affecting your current emotions and behaviors



Ep1 – Origins of Not Feeling Enough – Episode 1 explores the psychological origins of not feeling enough, how it can cause us to become overachievers and how creative process can help us curb this problematic emotion.






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