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What is Conversation Cards?

Conversation Cards is a free, one-on-one discussion with Jay Sullivan.  It is staged in conjunction with his pinhole photography series Out of the Box.

In the series, Jay photographed objects he remembered from early childhood using a camera made from a hatbox.   Select images, presented on playing cards, provide the guideposts for the conversation.

Jay starts by asking participants if they would like to explore happy childhood memories — their personal “memory box” — or if they would like to discuss a place in their present life where they feel “stuck in a box”, with the intent of discussing strategies for a better future.  The answer to this question determines how the cards are used and the direction of the conversation.  Conversations usually last between 45 minutes and one hour.

Who is Jay Sullivan?

Jay is a photographer, creative entrepreneur, and life coach.

For over 30 years, he’s studied personal development, creative process, and life coaching, completing numerous courses, workshops, and retreats with noted teachers that include: Life and Peak Performance Coach, Anthony Robbins; La Mama playwright, Jean Claude Van Itallie; New York performance coach, Carol Fox Prescott; Voice, Breathing and Alexander Coach, Jean McClelland; Photography in Life Coaching expert, Dorota Raniszewska; and Therapeutic Photography Professor, Neil Gibson. (Robert Gorden University, Scotland).

Jay also studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology and received his Master of Fine Art in Creative Practice from the University of Plymouth UK/Transart Institute for Creative Research in 2018.

In addition, Jay co-founded two corporate media and online education companies focused on promoting ethical business practices and corporate social responsibility within the world’s corporations.   His creative entrepreneurial career has taken him to over 20 counties on 4 continents and included creating video works featuring President Jimmy Carter, Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, Ossie Davis, and numerous Fortune 500 CEOs.