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Jay Sullivan grew up playing baseball in New Jersey.  His life changed direction when he received a film developer kit for Christmas.  It started an interest in image-making that, along with a decent curveball, gained him entrance into Rochester Institute of Technology where he studied photography.

Jay went onto a 25 year career as a Creative Director, creating media for print, online. installations and live events.  He’s traveled to over 20 countries on four continents staging events and creating video works that featured President Jimmy Carter, Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, Ossie Davis, the Ye minority in the remote mountains of southern China, Bambara farmers in Mali, and teenagers in the ghettos of Sao Paulo, Brazil.  His productions have been garnered a Cine Golden Eagle, NY Festivals Silver World Medal, Silver Screen Award and many other honors.

Glove and related works were introduced to the public in March of 2014.  In the short time since Glove’s introduction, it has gained notice from print and online publications and exhibition venues both in the US and Europe, including:  New York Post, ART Magazine (Berlin), @Curator (New York), Posi+tive Magazine (Berlin/Venice), FotoCult Magazine (Italy), Adore Chroma Magazine (feature interview and gallery), Society of Photographic Education (conference presentation, November 2014), Perugia Museum of Contemporary Art (solo exhibition, Perugia Italy, November 2014), Bedminster Center of Contemporary Art (solo exhibition, spring 2015), SpaceWomb Gallery, New York City (group exhibition in July 2014),  Edward Hopper House, Nyack, New York (group exhibition, 2015), Monmouth Museum, (group exhibition, 2016), International Bipolar Foundation (San Diego) and Art Therapy (Washington DC).

Jay lives and creates art in Red Bank, NJ and Jupiter, Florida