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Can the creative process produce positive psychological change?

We all know the stories of artists who created great work but lived less than satisfying lives.  Art history is filled with artists who suffered from self-destructive creative and life processes.

I was aware of these dangers when I started an artistic pursuit.  The questions I asked were; “How do I avoid the fate of the artists that I was learning about?” “Could I turn art-making into a vehicle for psychological self-discovery that leads to a fuller and more satisfying life?” “Was this art or art therapy or both?”  Read more

Photography/Mixed Media

Glove was the result of a process that reconnected me with my estranged and long deceased father.

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Family of Man
Family of Men
Photography/Mixed Media

Family of Men was conceived out of a need to reclaim the sense of family that I lost in childhood.

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Penance began as an exploration of my childhood “sins”  but it ultimately became a creative process through which I substantially reduced my fear of conflict.

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Man Child Man Cave Man Child
Video – In Process

In Man Child Man Cave Man Child  I seek to understand more fully how evolutionary psychology, personal history, kinship and cultural forces affect my emotions and behavior.

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Photography Installation

Being an “over achiever” all my life — many times not in a good way — I started to wonder, when is enough, enough?

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Pinhole Camera Photography

In the summer of 2015, I decided I wanted to be 14 years old again. That magic age where I explored, played and MADE things; tree houses, go-carts, sulfur burning science experiments, and B&W negatives in the closet of my bedroom.

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My Father’s Ashes
Photography/Mixed Media

When my father died, his ashes were sent to me. I put the brown box on a shelf in our laundry room and forgot about it. When we moved, the brown box found its way to a closet in my basement. And then through a series of events, the ashes ended up in my mother’s garage 30 years after my parents divorced.

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Monologue with Photographic Set Pieces

Creating the Glove series brought up many childhood memories.   At first, all were negative experiences that reinforced my perception of my father with all his faults and tragedies.   However, during the process of creating Glove, I was able to see these experiences from a different perspective.

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Commercial Projects
Varied Media

Jay has produced and creative directed hundreds of commercial projects for companies such as Sony, Mattel, Merck, Disney and many, many others. Media formats have included video, installations, print, eLearning, and live stage productions.

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